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Brenda Oliver is the founder & president of OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC. - a Leadership Development Practice since 2003 - helping people and organizations to success - through self-discovery processes, shared experience and recognized expertise; giving clients the competitive advantage to transform their personal, professional and business performance, by means of interactive and pragmatic custom keynotes, life & executive coaching, professional development workshops and business consulting services.

Responding to any personal or business need with experience and expertise – a one stop shop – OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC., is uniquely positioned to understand each and all of a client’s dynamics and integrate employee learning, executive coaching and strategic planning, helping people and organizations to focus on the same priorities - a single source with the ability to see the big picture including a full range of customizable leading edge corporate learning materials enhancing employee training programs, professional development days, meetings and conferences.

With more than 25 years of real corporate experience in strategic business development, sales planning, management & executive coaching, training & development, facilitation, relationship management, marketing, process improvement, human resources, career transitioning, business development, consulting services and a successful professional career that has included a variety of senior management and executive positions within the travel, financial services and insurance industries - a former Director with American Express - Brenda Oliver is a Professional Speaker, Certified Coach and Strategic Consultant offering both inspirational and business insight to a variety of groups and venues. Brenda Oliver is also a partner with The Janus Group - Helping Businesses Help Themselves (former American Express alumni) that affords OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC., access to supplementary skill, experience & a wealth of expertise.

With developed expertise and accreditation in Emotional Intelligence & Performance Evaluation from the Institute for Health & Human Potential; Brenda Oliver continues to work with executives and groups to facilitate and offer perspective, structured process & professional development.

With published articles with Toastmasters International and the Human Resource Institute of Alberta; Brenda Oliver blends business experience and expertise with real life experience.

Brenda Oliver's experience and enthusiasm enables individuals and organizations to capitalize on their leadership potential in the most effective manner. She has clearly demonstrated her ability to develop, inspire and lead people - helping people and organizations to success and reach their greatest potential.

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Our Experience

  • 1 As a Professional Speaker with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Global Speakers Federation; Brenda Oliver delivers her message on Leadership and Performance with passion, inspiration and humor; sharing her life experiences, career challenges and success stories; for example, speaking in Rome Italy at the Women's International Networking Conference and representing Canada as a delegate at the Global Women's Conference in Mexico City.
  • 2 As a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Life Mastery Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation; Brenda Oliver ensures accountability, provides objective views, keeps participants focused, provides disciplined process, offers a sounding board and provides motivation to individuals, managers and executive.
  • 3 As a Strategic Consultant delivering business planning process and practices; Brenda Oliver ensures the desired results/output on specific projects are achieved in a timely manner permitting management and executive to focus on the day to day requirements of the business.
  • 4 As a Corporate Trainer & Facilitator; Brenda Oliver inspires innovation and learning, delivers foundational and practical tools that are hands-on & educational, enables workshops that engage and challenge participants and meets the needs of employees and leaders at different levels of the organization.

Our Associations & Memberships

  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • Certified Coaches Federation
  • Certified Coaches Federation
  • The Janus Group
  • Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation
  • Global Speakers Federation


Who should call Oliver Leadership Inc.?

Any individual, business or organization that desires to transform their personal, professional and/or business performance.

Brief Business History, Brenda Oliver

In 2002, leaving the corporate world after more than 25 years (a former Director with American Express); a friend of mine asked me to join her and attend a seminar. After listening to the Keynote Speaker; a renowned psychologist; I was so intrigued by the message and the idea of taking my own personal performance to a new level that I decided that this subject matter was what I wanted to focus on – ah yes, my life’s work!

So passionate was I about these new insights that I became a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence. One year later after attending that seminar; I was giving my first client presentation to 50 women on this very subject and, at that very same hotel.

I spent months writing, researching & developing and in 2003 launched an online Mentoring Network, The Country Club - Distinctive Voices, Dynamic Women. The Vision: A global network of women positively impacting their own lives and their own worlds through personal and professional growth and together making the difference – crowning my vision when I delivered a Keynote Address at the Women’s International Networking (WIN) Conference in Rome, Italy. In turn, twelve vignettes “Reflections” were written and published encompassing this shared network mentoring experience. Moreover, during my first public workshop at the Delta; I knew I was on the right path, when a woman approached me at the end of the seminar and said; "Today you changed my life".

A weekly motivator (email message) was automatically-and continues to be-sent out weekly. To date, over 500 weeks of these personal leadership messages (quotations) have been sent out to thousands of people around the world. This may not be as impressive in today’s social media environment, nevertheless; it was an achievement to develop this & the online mentoring network website in 2002.

Recently, I learned that a former mayor of Winnipeg used these weekly messages to begin their weekly management meetings and they continue to look forward to this weekly inspiration.

Over the course of the years that followed, with continued learning & research; while I have maintained my focus on helping others to personal, professional & business growth & development and, while leadership & performance continues to be the platform from which I communicate; OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC. has evolved to where it is today - a leadership development speaking, coaching & consulting practice with services that include professional development, executive coaching, business consulting and a menu of leading edge corporate learning options – delivered to a wide variety of businesses, associations and professionals, both men and women.

In addition to the day to day business expectations; I am working on some longer term projects for example; the Archdiocese of Winnipeg Adult Faith Formation - sharing my experience and expertise, providing personal growth as part of their spiritual workshop process and I am also writing a book entitled "The Freedom Challenge".

From a business perspective; we will continue to value honesty, honor and dependability – going beyond expectation.

From a personal position; I am grateful for the gift of sharing my experience and expertise with others and the opportunities and freedoms that I have been given to carry on.

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