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Leadership & performance is demanded on a personal level in our day-to-day lives and is essential at all levels in every type of business or across any professional organization today. Organizations understand that one of their primary goals is to enhance the performance of their people. People are the engine that keeps companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating. What typically supports productivity also enhances employee health and wellness – it’s all interrelated.

In business, success is driven by the leader’s ability to create a work environment that encourages performance and why leadership competencies cannot be underestimated - up to 30 % of business results come from the climate that the leader creates and 70% of the climate is created by the competencies of that leader. One of the keys to leadership development is awareness of how emotions and behaviours impact individual and business performance and why incorporating Oliver’s 13 Principles of Leadership is a powerful tool in transforming personal, professional and business performance.

Research also indicates that successful organizations today learn how to coach employees on how to grow the business; develop cultures of personal accountability and create powerful employee learning experiences. And, leaders who are engaged in developing their direct reports are more effective at setting expectations, linking learning to strategic priorities, and providing relevant coaching. In a knowledge work economy; leadership abilities like collaboration, creativity, deep thinking, coaching & mentorship are required.

Characteristics of the best learning organizations indicate that they use many approaches to leadership development, including learning opportunities; deliberate planning, knowledge–sharing networks and coaching. OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC. provides, facilitates and integrates employee learning, executive coaching and strategic planning. Why is developing a strategic plan at the fundamental core of leadership development? Leadership inspires others to do what needs to be done and without a strategic framework they don’t know where they are going or why they are going there. Leadership development is the most effective when enabling employees, executive and the business to manage performance and to focus not only on the same priorities but on the right priorities.

Customized leadership development programs tie learning to real-world business strategies, competencies, and culture. To drive strategy execution and meet the needs of leaders at different levels of the organization; interactive and experiential learning is required and works across all leadership classes & learning styles. Working in partnership with our clients; OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC. helps to explore, examine, challenge, question and learn - by answering client’s questions, listening and then questioning client’s answers – together, creating a plan to move forward.

Brenda Oliver’s experience, expertise and enthusiasm enable individuals and businesses to capitalize on their leadership potential in the most effective manner. She has clearly demonstrated her ability to develop, inspire and lead; helping people and organizations to success.


Each one of us will be a leader at some time in our lives. Whether we lead a family, a group of friends, or a larger segment of society, each of us will act in ways to influence others.

~ Sandra Day O’Connor ~