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Brenda Oliver has been both my personal and business mentor for a number of years. She is incredibly reliable and has flown to Toronto every single time I have requested her support. While I was a Director at the Achimota Centre for Children with Autism, she donated her time and expertise to prepare and present to our staff on specific issues relevant to our organization. Brenda has coached me through updates of my resume, professional interviews and life’s obstacles. Her advice and input have been invaluable! I believe Brenda is a natural born leader.

Cindy DeCarlo, Director of Sales
Holiday Inn Express, Best Western

I quickly discovered that her knowledge was vast and the information she was sharing with me was going to have a great impact on my abilities as a golf & business professional. Through her vast knowledge and skills she was able to target exactly what I needed to focus on and provide me the information and tools I required to improve. Over the past three years I have continued to utilize the knowledge I gained through our work together and would recommend Brenda to any individual that has the desire to become more efficient and productive in their workplace.

Cory Kartusch, Head Golf Professional
St. Charles Country Club

Oliver Leadership training courses employ a progressive, strategic system that I found was both practical and illuminating, with tools that are immediately effective as well as transferable to nearly every area of one's life. For those wanting to go a little more in depth, they get beneath the surface and offer some deeper insights and large opportunities for improvement and development. My experience with Brenda's training courses is that they provide immense value for the initiate and knowledgeable alike, supplying real tools not often observed elsewhere. These courses create an immediate, profound impact on both one's professional development as well as one's personal life. I am very grateful for these courses that have enriched my own life, and also for Brenda's highly enthusiastic and engaging manner as she effortlessly gets her point across to a wide range of very different personalities. Her memorable presentation style and versatile take-away tools make it a fairly simple task to implement the new skills after the course completion.

Angela James-Schweyer, CSR
ONE Insurance Group

Brenda has the ability to instil the importance of a great customer service experience that is then delivered by people who are engaged in what they do and have pride in their jobs - while preparing a plan that will work for both the employer and employee. Brenda is one of the most focused people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. Each challenge is an opportunity to create a solution that will work for her customers and their business.

Jane Mark, Director of Sales
Hospitality Professional

When I was an executive with the Great-West Life Assurance Co.; we worked together for several years and I always respected her judgement, competence and professionalism. She always had a solid business plan for us to consider and her customer relations skills made the working relationship both productive and enjoyable. Not surprisingly, she is a sought after professional both inside and outside of her community.

Joan Miles, Vice President
Great-West Life Assurance Co

Brenda Oliver strongly exemplifies excellence in service to her clients - building customer relationships and practicing the principles of excellence. Her presentation style and executive team program coaching & delivery are informative, educational and engaging.

Kathy Randall, Director Human Resources
Maxim Truck & Trailer

Brenda accepted my offer to be the Personal Growth Facilitator of a two year formation program designed for Catholic adults who desire to grow both spiritually and personally. Currently, Brenda is facilitating this group of adults with passion and humor, leading them to greater self-awareness. The team, the participants, and I have all personally grown by Brenda’s presence and facilitation in this program. We are honored and privileged to have Brenda with us.

Reverend Eric Giddins, Director, The Summons
Archdiocese of Winnipeg

I have had attended Oliver Leadership's training programs over the past 10 years and have always been left with a feeling of peace and strength, both from a personal and professional standpoint. Brenda Oliver provides direction and leadership in the courses while keeping things interesting and interspersed with humor, something not often found in business training programs and seminars. I would not hesitate to recommend any of the offered sessions to colleagues and friends.

Cheryl Britton, Manager
Sigurdson Financial Group Inc.

Brenda Oliver worked with One Insurance Group for 5 ½ years and assisted in developing our strategic goals, as well as our Mission, Vision, and Values Statements as ONE established their operational direction. Ms. Oliver provided leadership coaching to the President & CEO and staff training in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Time Management and Customer Service Experience.

Dale McMillan, President & CEO
One Insurance Group



Brenda was able to "hit the nail on the head" on many key issues. Excellent program and well-presented

Gail Steffensen
Great-West Life Assurance Company

Powerful-Great insight. It reinforces much of what we know.

Carole Anderson
Victoria General Hospital Foundation

Impressive presentation, worthwhile and great!

Teresa A. Comia
Manitoba Hydro

This seminar has given me at least two tools to use to control my emotions, while in a stressful situation. this will make a difference in my job.

Heather Teichroeb
Steinbach Chamber of Commerce

Good content and relevant. The networking was great-very worthwhile.

Nancy Stewart
Great-West Life Assurance Company

The 2 day program is exhausting and challenging. I plan to take what I need and effectively put it into practice.

Andrea Cameron

The group dynamics were exceptional. the sharing of experiences really helped to reaffirm concepts.

Mike Dudar
Manitoba Hydro

A great use of technical & practical applications. You get to understand completely why you do what you do.

Alain Dumonceaux
Canad Inns

All educators need this information before going into the classroom as instructional leaders.

Anne Stephani
Edmonton Public Schools

The most valuable concept that I took away was that our emotions respond to situations first - positively or negatively. Grasping this concept alone can (and likely should) revolutionize the way we interact with others. Also, I felt the seminar benefited all of me; what I mean is that it was as relevant to my professional life as it was to my personal life. The principles you focus in on have the potential to make me a better manager and a better parent!

Kelly Dvorak
Variety Club -The Children's Charity

What a refreshing way to start the day - the idea that if we wrestle with and master our Emotional Intelligence making us more effective leaders is truly inspiring. Why? Because it is possible.

Alanna Keefe
St. John's Ravenscourt School

Excellent time to take a step back and review what is and isn't working in relationships and situations - what part is EI contributing? How can I improve?

Stan Dueck
Palliser Furniture

The Power Seminar is a great outlook and segue for Brenda's 2 Day workshop. She laid solid groundwork for understanding EI and where awareness can open many new doors in my EI work and life.

Janice Bean
Great-West Life Assurance Company

The Power Seminar is an excellent overview of Emotional Intelligence and how it can take us to greater performance personally and in the group setting.

Deanna Waters
USANA Health Sciences

The information and knowledge gained from this seminar should have been taught to me as a young graduate! That would have saved me from making all of those wrong decisions.

Segun Olude
Indigo Ink Studios

Very good insight on how emotional responses drive behaviour & performance.

Marie-Gomes-Loureiro, Retail Training & Development
Canada Post

Very good useful information in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere. I am changed…

Carol-Ann Borody-Siemens
C.W. Pooles & Company

Very informative seminar which just sparked a desire to learn more.

Jeannette Klekta
Church of the Rock

Wonderful! I will begin today to empower myself and others. Thank you.

Wayne Rogers, Executive Director
Variety, The Children's Charity

Brenda Oliver is an obvious professional in this area.

Ken Boese
Montefermo America

An inspirational and motivational leader - working with her for a period of almost 6 years was one of the most positive experiences of my professional career. She has the uncanny ability to extrapolate the talent in a person, help anybody find and develop the confidence it takes not only to meet the challenges of business but also to be a winner. As she would say "The definition of luck is opportunity meeting preparation." If you need motivation and inspiration, look for the opportunity to meet her.

Paul Ansloos, President and CEO
GlobalPoint Technologies