As a Strategic Consultant delivering business planning process and practices; Brenda Oliver ensures the desired results/output on specific projects are achieved in a timely manner permitting management and executive to focus on the day to day requirements of the business.

Corporations today are populated with intelligent, experienced people who offer diversity on many levels. By applying the right processes and through proven techniques, our client’s ideas are aligned and their people are helped to think more creatively and effectively and subsequently leadership teams are better equipped to manage performance – ensuring that people and organizations are focused on the same priorities.

Working in partnership with our clients; we explore, examine, challenge, question and learn - together creating a path to move organizations forward by answering client’s questions, listening and then questioning client’s answers. As each client is exclusive and there is rarely only one solution; processes and methodologies are customized to meet each client’s unique needs, build strong leaders, develop goals and facilitate change.

Consulting Support

Our clients determine the need for advice and support resources. Initially we meet for a consultative session to explore challenges more fully. The organizations opportunity – once identified - can be provided with a comprehensive proposal articulating approach, techniques, output, timelines and professional fees. Every deliverable brings objectivity, discipline, value and clarity about direction and immediate next steps whether our clients require strategic planning & process improvement, the development of policies & guidelines; human resource initiatives, annual review process, career transitioning, employee onboarding, tactical sales and marketing support, feedback & surveys and so on.

Strategic Planning

Gaining clarity around direction or strategy should precede all other initiatives. Planning services will result in practical implementation plans that close organizational gaps and align to organizational vision and mission - bringing discipline and focus to the planning process. Oliver Leadership Inc brings experience and knowledge from many industries to harness your internal expertise and creative talent – helping to the strategic framework and the priorities so that our clients are then able to easily translate strategy into action.

Upon completion of the strategic planning process and delivery of the plan; Oliver Leadership Inc is uniquely qualified to support your management and executive teams to bring your plan to life – managing specific projects or training & developing management and executive to implement & manage their own projects.

To begin the planning process, all of the components of a typical strategic planning process are described. Importantly, those who should be involved at the various stages of the process will be identified. Additionally, why each of the components is important to the plan output in terms of both discovery and focus is covered as well as to ensure that the right tactical activities are developed and undertaken. Finally, providing an outline or templates as required for the use by participants.

The subjects we will cover are outlined as follows: Environmental Review, Customer, Competitor, SWOT Analysis, Organizational Vision, Mission and Goals, Critical Success Factor Definition and associated Gap Evaluation, Tactical Planning Process and Metrics and so on. Equally, the presentation will be interactive and experiential to ensure that we optimize input & participant learning.

Business Alliance

Brenda Oliver, as a partner with The Janus Group (former American Express alumni) affords OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC access to supplementary facilitators, skill, experience & a wealth of expertise.

The partnership team consists of experienced business professionals who have held leadership positions in large corporations. They have diverse experiences, education and capabilities and, can help address any business challenge. They understand the theories and have actually lived through the realities in their own corporate lives. Therefore they are always practical in both their approach and their advice.