As a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Life Mastery Coach; Brenda Oliver offers leadership and executive coaching ensuring accountability, providing objective views, keeping participants focused, providing disciplined process, offering a sounding board and providing mentoring and motivation to individuals, groups, professionals, managers and executives - with the unique ability to integrate the corporate learning skills & development programs and the consulting strategy into the coaching process creating a more effective and distinctive leadership learning and development process and experience.

Leadership & Executive Coaching involves both challenging people and supporting people to achieve higher levels of performance. The process helps leaders assess strengths and development needs, set goals, recognize and overcome roadblocks/barriers, and achieve sustainable results. And, it provides specific benefits to the individual and the organization making it a valuable approach to consider in overall leadership development efforts. More and more companies are using leadership & executive coaching to improve their bottom line.

In addition to other approaches to leadership development; each participant gets focused attention to learn about their strengths and development opportunities; and, develop specific action steps that tie to organizational results. Coaching is results-focused. The client creates goals and the coach helps hold the client accountable to those goals. Coaches provide clients with the process, tools, structure, and support to achieve higher levels of performance.

Coaches create a safe learning environment where clients can discuss confidential situations, use the coach as a sounding board, overcome roadblocks, and create change achieving improved working relationships, better teamwork and increased job satisfaction – optimizing performance with effective leadership development.

Coaching Process

The basis of one-on-one coaching is to help the leader identify strengths and development opportunities and move to even higher levels of success. Group coaching can be a cost effective way to bring several people together (over a period of time) to develop, learn, and achieve specific goals.

The coaching process begins with a general first consultation session to gain clarity around objectives, outcomes, process and logistics.

The initial meet and greet is concise and brief (30 minutes). This is mostly about outcomes aimed for in the coaching process, clarity around what it may look like, and fit. Thus it is both a results-oriented and relationship oriented meeting (generally this is no charge).

The next step in the process is the completion of a new client questionnaire, reviewing life, career or business areas to discuss identifying the clients desire to achieve, defining goals in various areas, priorities to focus on, identifying the change process and writing the script or plan. Initially, coaching sessions are in one hour segments and would initially require approximately 4-6 sessions and decisions are made whether more sessions are required.

Clarifying the next steps and designing specific coaching processes and solutions will help people and organizations to success and reach their full potential.

Coaching is a structured process for learning and development. Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action. We find ourselves doing more than we would on our own, taking ourselves more seriously, creating momentum and consistency, taking more effective and focused actions and becoming more balanced.

The Coach is a combination of mentor, motivator and sounding board. Building awareness and responsibility is the essence of good coaching. We must own choices and decisions and be accountable for our own learning and self-improvement. This journey takes commitment.

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