As a Corporate Trainer & Facilitator working with individuals, professionals, executives, groups, businesses, educators, associations & organizations, Brenda Oliver offers perspective, structured process & professional development.

Leadership development is essential across any business or organization. And, in order to drive strategy and execution; it’s important to meet the needs of employees and leaders at different levels of the organization. Our courses provide the foundation and practical tools for personal, professional and business growth & development.

What makes our training & education unique is our ability to draw upon real life & business experience, developed expertise, research from proven experts in leadership and business, and a full range of leading edge customizable corporate learning programs and proven processes – facilitated by experienced trainers & coaches.

When skill and ability embrace an honorable leadership perspective, then careers, businesses and relationships evolve to the next level of performance, satisfaction and success.
~ Oliver ~

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity we have for recognizing, managing and motivating ourselves and our own emotions so that our feelings are expressed appropriately and effectively. And, it is about managing and motivating the emotional environment and the connections we make with those we work with and live with. Brenda Oliver is a certified practitioner with developed expertise and accreditation in Emotional Intelligence & Performance Evaluation.

Foundational Development

Foundational development in Emotional Intelligence Fundamentals, Communication Strategy and Developing Personal Goals is the keystone for all professional development. This 3 part workshop helps enhance personal leadership effectiveness, accountability and participant’s ability to positively impact self and effectively connect with others. This course benefits its participants by increasing employee self-management and self-control, builds skills of empathy and communication, helps them understand how to motivate themselves & coach others and understand effective & appropriate management of workplace behaviours. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."

Corporate Learning Options

OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC is licensed to offer a full range of Customizable Corporate Learning Materials for skill development; delivering Professional Development Programs that enhance business training programs, professional development days, meetings and conferences that will be ideal for any organization. All programs are interactive and experiential with power point presentations, including workbooks and handouts as required. "Professional training materials are the cornerstone of all business training and development activities."

ICM Continuing Education Credits (Insurance Council of Manitoba)

OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC provides instruction for which credit hours are authorized, provides each participant with written confirmation of attendance and/or completion of the course or seminar presented. In addition, OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC. maintains a list of participants on file for audit purposes. Participant’s confirmation of attendance indicates the name of the organization, the attendees name, the date, title of the seminar, number of ICM approved credit hours (and ICM course ID), and the signature of the instructor. Also, confirmation slips are handed out at the end the seminar/course and are to be maintained on file by the participant. This information is not to be submitted to the General Insurance Council by either the participant or the instructor until requested. Section 8(6) of the General Insurance Agents Licensing Rules has been amended to allow 50% of credit hours earned in excess of the required number of eight (8) to be carried forward to the next licensing year. Credit hours are mandatory for both residents and non-residents and must be accumulated annually from June 1 to May 31.