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OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC., working with individuals, professionals, executives, groups, and businesses to facilitate and offer perspective, structured process & professional development. Unique is their ability to draw upon real life, business and corporate experience and that of developed expertise & recognized experts; a one stop practice that provides the know-how, materials and processes to integrate employee development, executive support and business direction ensuring that staff & management, executive and business is focused not only on the same priorities but on the right priorities. Add to this, developed expertise and certification in Emotional Intelligence, extensive and current skills training & development programs; strategic partnerships that include American Express alumni and experienced associate facilitators that contribute to the wealth of experience, expertise & education that they can draw upon. Finally, clients choose OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC. because they are passionate about what they do - helping people and organizations to success.


  • Keynote Presentations As a Professional Speaker with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF); Brenda Oliver delivers her message with passion, inspiration and humor; sharing her life & business experiences, career & relationship challenges and success stories. Ms. Oliver was invited to speak in Rome Italy at the Women’s International Networking Conference and represented Canada as a delegate at the Global Women’s Conference in Mexico City. Brenda Oliver is an authority on Leadership & Performance – helping people and organizations to success.
  • Executive Coaching As a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Life Mastery Coach; Brenda Oliver offers leadership and executive coaching ensuring accountability, providing objective views, keeping participants focused, providing disciplined process, offering a sounding board and providing mentoring and motivation to individuals, groups, professionals, managers and executives - with the unique ability to integrate the corporate learning skills & development programs and the consulting strategy into the coaching process creating a more effective and distinctive leadership learning and development process and experience.
  • Professional Development As a Corporate Trainer & Facilitator working with individuals, professionals, executives, groups, businesses, educators, associations & organizations, Brenda Oliver offers perspective, structured process & professional development. Leadership development is essential across any business or organization. And, in order to drive strategy and execution; it’s important to meet the needs of employees and leaders at different levels of the organization. Our courses provide the foundation and practical tools for personal, professional and business growth & development.
  • Business Consulting As a Strategic Consultant delivering business planning process and practices; Brenda Oliver ensures the desired results/output on specific projects are achieved in a timely manner permitting management and executive to focus on the day to day requirements of the business. Corporations today are populated with intelligent, experienced people who offer diversity on many levels. By applying the right processes and through proven techniques, Oliver Leadership Inc., aligns your ideas and helps your people to think more creatively and effectively and helps Leadership teams to manage performance – ensuring that people and organizations are focused on the same priorities.

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Corporate Learning Programs 

OLIVER LEADERSHIP INC is licensed to offer a full range of Customizable Corporate Learning Materials for skill development; delivering Professional Development Programs that enhance business training programs, professional development days, meetings and conferences that will be ideal for any organization. All programs are interactive and experiential with power point presentations, including workbooks and handouts as required. "Professional training materials are the cornerstone of all business training and development activities."